Check out the new MNDR “Faster Horses” video premiered on Stereogum. Directed by John Threat the video has animation, big hair, and beagles. What more could you ask for?

Psychobuildings new single, “Baby Cops” is getting some serious buzz all over the web and organically at radio.  We’ve heard tell of spins at stations across the country from KCRW to WFMU and it was included in Stereogum’s Best of April 2012 Compilation.

Here’s a quick list of who else is listening:

Psychobuildings Baby Cops on RCRDLBL

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Psychobuildings Baby Cops on Stereogum

Psychobuildings Baby Cops on Stereogum Monthly Mix April 2012

Psychobuildings Baby Cops on The Tune

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Psychobuildings Baby Cops on Subbaculture

Psychobuildings Baby Cops in Portugese!




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