WonderSound is an independent production company, record label and recording studio located in New York City which serves as an incubator for developing musical talent, establishing artists and connecting them with their fan bases.

Owned and operated by Grammy winning in-house producer Peter Wade, WonderSound’s mission is to foster relationships with our artists, help develop their music and artistic voice, and partner with them to find innovative methods to promote and market to a focussed and responsive audience. Particular emphasis is put on the establishment of a foundation that offers the best potential for growth, both artistically and in terms of reaching a continually widening audience.

WonderSound is located in the East Village of NYC, where the majority of our records are produced and recorded. The studio was established in 2001 by Wade, who has also engineered albums with over 25 million in sales, written, produced and mixed number one singles, and worked with some of the biggest names in mainstream pop.

Specializing in left-of-center entertainment, WonderSound’s releases straddle various genres of music, and work cross-platform with the fine arts, literary and entertainment worlds. We are particularly fond of multi-discipline artists, and look to appeal to both the intellectual/conceptual arts as well as pop culture audiences.

The label’s first release, a colorful soundtrack to cartoonist David Heatley’s edgy graphic memoir, “My Brain is Hanging Upside Down” (Pantheon Sept ’08), went on to receive critical acclaim by the New York Times, New York Magazine and Art Review. Heatley followed-up the release with a national tour of lectures, readings and live performances. Our highly anticipated follow-up release was Michel Gondry’s “You’ll Like This Film Because You’re In It.” The audiobook features Gondry’s self-narrated quest to put the tools of filmmaking back into the hands of the people.

Artists presently a part of the WonderSound family include electronic pop machine mangler MNDR, New York’s art dance group Psychobuildings and dominating street reggae MC Stamma Ramma. WonderSound scored two hit records in 2010, the #1 record “Monday Morning” for Melanie Fiona and the 3x platinum selling top 10 “Bang Bang Bang” for Mark Ronson featuring MNDR and Q-tip.

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